Sonntag, 26. Januar 2020

Song lyrics: "Faith In Yourself"

Here's the lyrics to another new song called "Faith In Yourself". Our 2nd album "The Spaces In Between" will be out via Gunner Records in spring '20.
Zander about this one:

"Fundamentalism is a cancer, and it’s still growing. Spirituality might be a legitimate way to cope with your problems, but not if it’s the base for oppression, living in splendor while others starve to death and wanting to kill people simply for what they believe in."

Montag, 20. Januar 2020

Song lyrics: "The Spaces In Between"

We're running a little late today with our "lyrics of the week" routine since we've been out playing shows. But finally, here we go with the title track of our upcoming album, "The Spaces In Between". And there could not be a more fitting song regarding the awesomeness & kindness we've been met with over this last weekend in Hannover and Haren. Thank you all for making punk rock awesome despite all odds.

Zanderman about TSIBTW:
"We tend to look to “better days” when we’re stuck in a rut. But instead of staying on the course that’s expected of us, we should consider looking for meaning in the margins. Start a band, organize, get your friends together and try to build something, no matter how small. There’s always room for growth away from the beaten path."

Sonntag, 12. Januar 2020

Song lyrics: "Bitter Fruit For Broken Homes"

Here we go with a second set of lyrics off our upcoming album "The Spaces In Between", out on Gunner Records in spring 2020. We'll bring you the lyrics of one new song every week. This time around, it's a song called "Bitter Fruit For Broken Homes". Here's what the Zander has to say about this one -

"As a band clearly influenced by 90s and 00s US punk rock, the country has always had a certain draw for us. The personal connections we made along the way, the home of most of our favorite bands, and awe-inspiring nature as far as the eye can see. But of course, nothing’s always quite what it seems. There’s as much beauty as there’s injustice and inequality going around this country, and this song serves as a reminder to never put it on a pedestal – if not for anyone else, then definitely for us."


Sonntag, 5. Januar 2020

Song lyrics: "Friendship Is A Four-Letter Word"

Starting today, every week we will introduce to you one song from our new album "The Spaces In Between", out on Gunner Records​ in Spring 2020 - in "more than music"-style - meaning, lyrics first!

We'll begin with the lyrics to the album's opening track titled "Friendship Is A Four-Letter Word". Here's the Zanderman's sum up of this track:

"Love as a concept shouldn’t just be reserved for romantic relationships. Love your friends, tell them that you care about them, don’t let society dictate what you can and can’t share with them. We all need people we can feel at home with in this shitty world."

Donnerstag, 2. Januar 2020


2020 here we are! Our upcoming 12-song album is going to be called "The Spaces In Between" and it will be released via Gunner Records this spring. Starting this Sunday, we will introduce to you one new song a week - lyrics first! - with some linernotes/thoughts straight from the Zander.
Better visuals & music later this year....can't wait to share everything with you 😚

upcoming shows in January:
fri 17.01.2020 Hannover/Stumpf w/Swan Songs
Arterials & Swan Songs @stumpf
sat 18.01.2020 Haren(Ems)/Kulturschiff w/Swan Songs
Arterials + Swan Songs | 18. Januar 2020

this is not the final cover of the album ;-)

Freitag, 20. Dezember 2019

Last post of the year

Last post of the year. For "advertising" our 2nd album, we've decided to start with "something different". Remember how beneath all the noise, the screaming, the hi-fives, all the beer and whatnot, punk and hardcore was supposed to be something "more than music"? This time, we're gonna approach our new album with the lyrics coming first. Come January, we are going to present you one set of lyrics a week from our new album together with some linernotes and thoughts straight out of the brain of the Zander. Till then, happy holidays y'all. Be nice to each other.

Samstag, 7. Dezember 2019

Sea rescue is not a crime!

These days, everyone with a platform should share it with people who try and make this world a better place. That's why we'll be collecting money for Sea-Watch as well as offering up brochures and stickers at all our shows in 2020. Because even though it's not reported on as much now, people still die every day just for trying to escape slavery, starvation, war and oppressive regimes, so NGOs like Sea-Watch need every bit of support they can get. #searescueisnotacrime