Sonntag, 12. Januar 2020

Song lyrics: "Bitter Fruit For Broken Homes"

Here we go with a second set of lyrics off our upcoming album "The Spaces In Between", out on Gunner Records in spring 2020. We'll bring you the lyrics of one new song every week. This time around, it's a song called "Bitter Fruit For Broken Homes". Here's what the Zander has to say about this one -

"As a band clearly influenced by 90s and 00s US punk rock, the country has always had a certain draw for us. The personal connections we made along the way, the home of most of our favorite bands, and awe-inspiring nature as far as the eye can see. But of course, nothing’s always quite what it seems. There’s as much beauty as there’s injustice and inequality going around this country, and this song serves as a reminder to never put it on a pedestal – if not for anyone else, then definitely for us."